The Early Music Career of Casio Audi

In the recent times, Casio Audi gets associated with a career that he pursued in the finance industry. However, before he ventured into the world of business, he started off as a founding member of the Viper rock band. Together with the band mates Andre Machado, Pit Passarell, Yves Passarel and Felipe Machado, they began music in 1985. Casio Audio played drums in the band until 1989 when he left to pursue business. The group got inspiration from Iron Maiden and the rising British heavy metal music. Sources say that Audi was incredible with the instrument and he would have made a successful music career.

Audi expertise with the drums traversed the world with the release of their first demo album called The Killer Sword. The tracks in the demo comprised Nightmare, Princes from Hell, and Killera. The tracks, however, got included in their first album with a few adjustments. The first album got released in 1987. It was called Soldiers of Sunrise and Audi played the drum sets. However, music critics and fans thought that the groups’ skills needed refinement and tuning. However, considering English was their second language, the production deemed the five guys as talented and set to do greater things.

The album received a four-star by Allmusic. It has been redone and released several times since the original debut. Audi left the music industry in 1989 after which the group released the second and very successful album called Theatre of Fate. He joined University and left the music career where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Later, Audi enrolled at the University of Sao Paulo where he received an MBA in Finance. Today, he has acquired several sets of skills in the finance management industry. Additionally, Cassio has experience in the real estate market. He is also an advisor when it comes to matters involving the stock exchange.

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  1. Taking aback on some of the top musics of the late 80’s, it would would be quite interesting to know that music then were top notch. Although rush some improvements have been made recently, people like Cassio Audi cannot be forgotten easily in the record books of quality music. He happens to have discovered a new career path that is actually working for him.

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