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SeaWorld Continues To Be An Important Part of Marine Conservation

SeaWorld is among the few unique theme parks located in Orlando, Florida, where its headquarters is. It also serves as an entertainment park where people can visit and have fun. Mainly, it contains a zoo where animals get rehabilitated. It also acts as a rescue center for injured animals where they are looked after until they fully recover. To add to that, the zoo has operations meant to preserve endangered species all over the world. It deals with many different types of animals such as fish, whales, dolphins, birds, and sea lions.

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SeaWorld allows people to visit the zoo where they can bond with the animals. To enter, they have to pay an entrance fee. The money collected is used to fund the zoo’s operations, such as paying the workers and buying feeds and medicine for the animals. The zoo gets led by DR. Chris Dold, the zoo’s chief, and veterinarian at the zoo. He has rescued more than 80,000 animals. His efforts to rescue and rehabilitate animals have earned him awards.

SeaWorld has operations in America and also some parts of the Middle East. SeaWorld has worked with other organizations that conserve animals by providing them with the funds and technical support they need. Also, it has taken upon the organization to educate people on the importance of animal protection and how to do it.

SeaWorld has also collaborated with research institutes and universities such as the University of California, where they research animals. After the research, they document the findings in journals, books, or video recordings. Such efforts have enabled preserve information for future use. Also, other scientists can use the information for their research.

More than that, SeaWorld has in a significant way helped in protecting coral reefs in the oceans. Most fish depend on the coral reef as their habitat, source of food, or breeding ground. Most of the coral reef gets destroyed through fishing, and it has taken efforts by SeaWorld to help protect it.

To add to that, SeaWorld has had operations to protect the low number fish population. They do so by practicing aquaculture, whereby fish get bred in ponds, and people can take them instead of going to fish in the open sea.