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How Survival from Cancer Changed Heath Ritenour

Heath Ritenour grew up in a Christian family, attending the Baptist church. He grew loving the church, where he has become an elder today. The entrepreneur has fought cancer for several years, which brought him closer to God than before. He learned to trust and believe in God after winning the battle.

Heath Ritenour believes that God liberated him from a situation he could not control. He affirms that God helped him deal with bitterness and anger that weighed him down. He is now a happy servant who believes in Christianity.

A cancer survivor, Ritenour developed a sympathetic character. He believes in listening to other people more to understand their situations. His change of life and personality has improved the way he interacts with people both socially and professionally.

Philanthropy Quest

Heath Ritenour feels grateful for surviving cancer, now enjoying over two healthy years since God healed him. He now concentrates on the spirit of giving, demonstrating how blessed to see another lease of life. His devotion has made him one of the leading philanthropists internationally.

Heath’s Brief History

In 1996, Heath Ritenour became an agent at IOA, a family-owned insurance institution. His efforts yielded immensely, making him one of the best in the sales department. The profile earned him extensive experience in leadership, becoming the CEO of the company in 2008. In 2018, Ritenour became the chairman after demonstrating leadership capability.

Heath has transformed IOA, leading it to the top 11 leading private insurance agencies in the US. The company has expanded, establishing a philanthropic wing named IOA Foundation. As the president, Ritenour leads the foundation in its charity program towards the residents of Central Florida.

Heath Ritenour has made a successful career in the insurance sector, earning multiple professional prizes. They include the CEO of the Year, which he earned in 2020. He has appeared on the Top 100 Hotlist, courtesy of the Insurance Business Magazine.

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