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Heath Ritenour talks about Business during the Pandemic


Heath Ritenour talks about Business during the Pandemic

The COVID 19 pandemic has changed the way most businesses operate. The Pandemic has led to reductions, job losses, and salaries cuts. In addition, the insurance industry has not been left behind. Heath Ritenour, the CEO and chairman of the Insurance Office of America, acknowledges that Business faced significant challenges during the Pandemic. However, the plan at the Insurance Office of America is solid, according to the chairman. Consumers should expect more from the company in the future. Heath Ritenour has taken the industry by storm, raising the revenue of the company in recent times.

Heath plans to come up with better customer service procedures at the company. During the Pandemic, most people have turned to insurance companies looking for insurance in tough economic times. However, the only difference among most companies is the pricing. Heath Ritenour states that it is essential for insurance companies to offer better customer service to consumers. It will ensure that the consumers can choose the company that is preferable to them.

Additionally, most consumers will not be able to access services from the office, as was the nature of insurance before. Consumers will call the insurance officer because most of them are working from home during the Pandemic. Heath Ritenour adds that most of the employees are more productive working remotely. Consequently, as most businesses emerge from the Pandemic, the trend seems to be taking traction. Consumers should therefore expect more virtual meetings with their insurance providers in the coming days.

Moreover, emails and text communication will be regular after companies start opening up office spaces to receive customers. For instance, applications such as DocuSign are helping agents in providing efficient and effective services to consumers. The application allows consumers to sign documents online without having to come to the office.

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